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interactive experiential installation


'touched’ as an interactive installation is an attempt to make the inter-affect between viewer, artwork and artist visible and visceral. What effect does art have on a viewer? how does that viewing in turn affect the artist? and how then does this inform the creative process?

for the 16 days of Margaret-River-Region-Open-Studios 2018 i worked, lived and slept in this installation slowly weaving it closed whilst inviting visitors into the silent room to view, feel and join in the weaving, leaving traces of themselves behind.

an estimated 800 people contributed. 

It was a powerful exploration into non-verbal communication, the meshed woven shelter symbolising the organically growing interconnectedness of community forming one complex and beautiful story.

the materials used are all recycled, cut-up garment and thus bring an added layer of their own history.

after finishing the process 'touched' was dismantled into a mounted two-dimensional form that has taken the shape of a mesmerising protective cloak or angel’s wings. 

the installation is now on permanent loan and display at the Margaret River Library for the community to enjoy.

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