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'the space inside' 

installation in three parts 2014-16

In 2014, after a life-threatening illness and the sudden loss of my mother, my healing journey took me to the creation of an installation art piece consisting of three vintage caravans. In each I used the capsuled space to explore and elaborate on a theme of my youth:

'LuLu' is about rebellious creativity in the 70s, the crazy,fun but rather unstable environment I grew up in.


‘Maud' is an exploration of femininity and strength, my connection to my grandmothers' worlds of very different customs and values and female roles.

‘Flora' plays with nature and storytelling. She is my inner child's refuge and in her it's like sitting on the grass in a wild garden, telling yarns. 'Flora' had a couple of gigs at the Margaret River Flor-Art and as the Green Room at the MR Readers and Writers Festival 2018 - much to the delight of the authors and interviewers... 

The installation of all the caravans  was shown to a wide range of people during the Margaret River Region Open Studios (MRROS) 2015 and 2016. The emotional interaction and unexpectedly strong, positive effects it had keep inspiring me to further explore interactive art installations.

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